When we saw the new main building of Kumna manor for the first time in 1999, we had mixed feelings. The manor looked horrible – there were no windows or doors, gallery walls were broken, walls scribbled over. Thankfully the main walls were standing, the roof was on and was holding water. Half columns decorated with Ionic capitals and the roof cable complete with laurel wreaths interlaced with ribbons that gave hints about the former beauty and glory of the history building were still present on the building façade. Maybe this was the reason we acquired the manor ruins at the public auction. From then on we have invested a lot of time and, let’s be honest, money in realising our dream of restoring the manor to its former glory so that it could offer joy not only to us but all the other people who can appreciate cultural and historical values. PRIA also sponsors the restoration of the manor within the framework of the Leader programme.






MTÜ Kumna Mõis